Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 15!

Something a little different this week. I spent the first part of this week trying to figure out what to write. I had this feeling that Jack was the best story I had written so far, and what could I do to top that?

So, I decided not to try. I just needed something I thought would be fun to write. And then it occurred to me. Why not take some story of myth or legend and turn it into a sci-fi story. I thought of Robin Hood, but scratched it. It's too easy to re-tell Robin Hood. Besides, I already had an idea for Robin Hood in the old west. King Arthur was tossed out right away as too complex to turn into a sci-fi. At least, not in the time I had left to write a story.

So, I turned my attention to Greek Myths. I then landed upon one of my favorite ones, Jason and the Argonauts. The quest for the Golden McGuffin... er... Fleece. Jason and the Argonauts in space was an AWESOME idea. So, I went with it.

Not long after picking the story, I came up with the setting. A 1950's pulp style sci-fi setting, set in this solar system, with strange alien life forms living on all the worlds, that are mysteriously Earth like. It would allow me to use some of the more creature like stories (harpies, anyone?) from the legend and still have it be suitably sci-fi. So, I ran with it.

Than, I ran into an issue. At around 3500 words, I realized that I wasn't even to the journey part of the story yet. And yet, the parts I had told were important. So, I've decided to split the story in two. Maybe three, I'm not sure yet, we'll see how next week goes. But at least two. Think of this as you're very own pulp serial. And so, I present to you the adventures of Jared Decker and the crew of the rocket ship Destiny, in... The Lost Jewels of Luna, part 1! Enjoy.

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