Friday, September 24, 2010

The Windsmith Query

I thought I would post the query for my novel, The Windsmith, here. Maybe get some feedback on it.

Viko is a 16 year old boy with a secret. He’s discovered he has magical powers previously only held by women. In The Windsmith, a completed 50,000 word YA Fantasy novel, Viko must not only come to grips with his discovery, he must find a way to use it to save the world.

The five great island chains of the world all revere the Windsmiths, four women with magical control over the wind. They help with trade, farming and act as spiritual advisors to the leaders of the world. Then, a young boy, Viko, first born to one of the Windsmith, discovers he has windsmith powers, something that has never happened before to a man. At first, he tries to keep it secret, but eventually he is discovered by one of the other Windsmiths, who offers to train him in secret. Later he is forced to reveal his powers to save his sister’s life. Viko is forbidden from using his powers by his mother, who decides that his daughter will become the next Windsmith. However, a hurricane of a strength never before seen in the islands requires the powers of all the Windsmiths, including Viko, to overcome before it ravages the islands, killing thousands. In the end, Viko must not only convince the Windsmiths that they need him, but to enact a plan that puts his own life on the line to stop the storm.

I would love the chance to send you a few chapters, or the entire manuscript, and synopsis of The Windsmith at your request. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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